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Registration Types & Fees
TypeYearly Fee
Canadian Perioperative Registered Nurse Member$65.00
Retired Perioperative Registered Nurse Associate$55.00
Student Nurse Associate$55.00
International Associate$80.00
Healthcare Professional Associate$55.00
Administrative/Government Professional Associate$70.00
Corporate Premium Associate$2000.00
Corporate Standard Associate$1000.00


  • All fees are plus applicable GST/HST
  • Membership is for one year, starting the day you pay your fee (as of September 8, 2020)
  • All registrations must be submitted online
  • Online payment (by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal) is preferred, but payment will also be accepted by cheque
  • Documentation may be requested to verify a registration meets the required criteria

Detailed Description of Registration Types

ORNAC Members:

To become an ORNAC Member, an individual must (in accordance with the ORNAC By-laws dated April 21, 2013):

ORNAC Associates:

Retired Canadian Perioperative Registered Nurses:

Canadian perioperative registered nurses who are no longer practicing and /or who no longer hold a valid license as a registered nurse within a Canadian province or territory.

Student Nurses:

Student nurses who are currently enrolled full time in a nursing program such as a diploma or Bachelor of Nursing or LPN/RPN program.

International Associates:

Perioperative registered nurses and other healthcare professionals who are stakeholders in perioperative care, are not Canadian residents, but are licensed/credentialed in their country of residence.

Other Healthcare Professionals:

Health care professionals such as physicians, RPNs/LPNs, MDR certified technicians, physiotherapists, pharmacists and non-perioperative nurses who are stakeholders in perioperative patient care.

Administrative/Government Professionals:

Non-perioperative RN Managers and Directors of perioperative programs; or
Government Administrators/Policy makers.


A company who develops, manufactures and/or sells products for the perioperative setting, is connected with the field of patient care and wants to have a strong presence in ORNAC. This category allows the company to purchase additional employee memberships. There are two options for companies to join ORNAC:

Corporate Premium Associate

Corporate Standard Associate